When their dog woke them up in the middle of the night, he saved their daughters life!

The Brousseau family live in Portland, Conn. They adopted a dog called Duke a few years ago. Duke has been a great addition to the family and the kids love him. What they didn’t know when they rescued Duke is what he would do to repay them for their kindness.

One night in 2012, everyone had gone to sleep. In the middle of the night Duke jumped on his parent’s bed and started shaking uncontrollably, it was such a fright that woke them up. Duke could never acted like this before and act quickly his parents at the conclusion that something was wrong.

Then nine week old daughter, Harper, was the first thought they had. They ran to Harper’s room and found that she was not breathing. The called 911 immediately. The ambulance got there in time to revive Harper, she was taken to the hospital and thanks to Duke’s intervention she’s going to be alright. This dog is a real hero.

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