Doggie Desperately Wanted A Baby Brother, But He Never Expected It Would Be A Teensy-Tiny Kitten!

Introducing a new pet to a dog can be tough. They might be used to being the master of the house. Then you bring in an interloper. They might steal his food and his toys. Then what would your dog do? Well, some of them might immediately take to their new friend like this dog, Navarro did.

The video opens up with Navarro looking into a crate that’s holding a tiny kitten, which is about 1/1000’s the size of the crate. I would have been worried about the kitten jostling around. Anyways, Daddy names the kitten Iben and lets him out. Well. This is one rambunctious kitten. He treats Navarro’s tail like it’s a cat toy. The dog loves the new addition though and starts playing with him. They have so much fun.

Of course, the big thing is the size difference. You could probably put about 25 Iben’s in Navarro. The larger dog is careful while playing, though. He must be, one wrong move could flatten Iben like a pancake. This is a great interspecies friendship. Once again, we see two species that usually fight like, well… cats and dogs… get along famously. One of the keys is that one of them started young. We could apply that to human relations too.

Of course, this total size mismatch won’t last forever. Iben will grow to a normal-sized cat and the roughhousing will take on a little more evenness. What won’t change is the friendship between the two. They will do things together for many, many years. Here’s hoping that we see a lot more videos of the two as they get older together.

I loved this video. What did you think of Navarro and Iben? Aren’t they cute? Leave a comment below!

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