Doggie meets newborn baby for the first time. His reaction is so precious.

I remember when my wife and I brought our son home from the hospital. We were worried about how our cat – we only had one then – would react. We put the baby carrier on the ground fairly near him and he wandered over and sniffed it and even meowed. Instant acceptance! Then again, he loved my wife’s belly when she was pregnant. Here, we see another family see how their dog reacts when a newborn is brought home. His name is Milo, he’s a Chihuahua and he has his own YouTube channel.

Milo is over the moon the very second Mommy walks into the house with their new baby addition. He runs around, barking, and then scampers into the next room, where he grabs his favorite toy and then then hustles back. He is SO overjoyed. He licks the baby’s face a couple of times. His tail is wagging so fast that it’s a blur. The baby doesn’t wake up but seems to give a content smile at one point.

One thing that people seem to zero in on – and I must confess that it crossed my mind as well – is about how sanitary it was for the parents to expose their newborn baby to Milo’s germs right away, especially with her just having been brought home from the hospital. Some think that it actually boosts the baby’s immune system. I think that they should have waited a bit, since she hasn’t had many vaccine shots.

This seems like a good first meeting, wouldn’t you say so? It will be interesting to see any updates as they come along. Do the two of them get along? Does his hyper energy keep the baby up too late? Disturb nap time? So many questions. For now, though, let’s enjoy what we see here. When this baby grows up more, they can watch this and say, “Wow! Milo really loved me!” They can also say, “You let him kiss me THAT early on?”

What did you think of the video? Milo is an excitable dog, isn’t he?