“This Pup Has a Fear of Being In The Car. BUT Then His Daddy Does THIS! Fears All Gone!!”

The little dog featured here is name Tommy and as we see, Tommy has a genuine fear of being a car while his owner is driving. It’s all too obvious that Tommy is afraid the moment he is placed in the car, so what does he do in order to get over his fear? He actually reaches out to his owner with his paw to hold onto his hand.

This is a reaction most human beings have when they are afraid. We tend to reach out for someone we trust to take care of us, or we tend to cling onto something. Fortunately for this little dog, his owner, Adam, doesn’t mind holding his hand — although someone should tell the little guy though that when Adam is driving its always advisable that he has both hands on the stirring wheel, but the poor little guy thinks he needs Adam’s hand more.

Maybe in time Tommy will get over his phobia of driving around in the car, but in the meantime he has his owner there to take care of him!

So, if you want to watch poor little Tommy face his fears the only way he knows how watch the video then let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/y83FbFKi7zg