Doggy Day Care Has New Fan Who Escapes From HOME To Be There!

It’s almost impossible to describe the pit that grows in your stomach the very second that you turn around and see that your pet is gone. The same one that was standing in your yard not ten seconds ago… is now gone. There aren’t even any vapor trails to helpfully indicate what direction they ran – that’s where life not imitating cartoons really stinks. Fortunately, what we have here is a quickly-resolved situation.

This video is about a golden retriever who ran away from home. No, it’s not a story about a dog who was missing for many months and eventually was renunited. Goodness knows I’ve written enough about those lately. No, this is a feel-good piece from beginning to end and it was resolved the same day. It’s just the location of where the dog ran off that makes it all such a hoot to watch.

Riley loved the place so much that he made his way back there. Who knows why? Maybe he liked hanging out with other dogs. Perhaps the snacks were good. The staff there may have been very kind – and why wouldn’t they be? Take a look at Riley… that’s one adorable pooch. At least he didn’t run off into the woods or anything like that. It’s amazing that he was willing to go more than a mile back there too.

The best part is that Riley’s daddy wasn’t even charged for the day. The doggie day care owner was so tickled that he wanted to come back that she waived the fee. I don’t think that’s going to be a regular occurrence, though. I don’t think Riley’s going to mind his daddy paying in the future, but then again, he’s not the one paying in the first place. If Riley has his druthers, there would be no paws… I mean… pause in visits.

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