Doggy Gets A Brand New Toy. When You See How He Uses It, You’ll Laugh Hysterically!

Words can never be enough to describe the incredible happiness and joy seen in dogs. They really are people’s best friend, because of their loyalty and their sweet love that they always want to give, and that never seems to end.

Dogs can always be count on, to be with us, to stay by our side, and to make us laugh! And they don’t have to try very hard to achieve that. They’re always having fun and doing silly things all around. Like in the video we have for you today. On it, you can see a dog playing with his new toy, and he seems to be having a blast!

This dog’s breed is Airedale terrier, and his name is Plato. He got a new toy from his owner, and he loved it. It’s actually a toy intended for kids, called Chippy the Chattermunk, a chipmunk toy. It’s hilarious, because it records what the owner says to him and repeats it with a funny voice! So you can imagine the fun the dog has when he starts playing around with it.

He was very confused by it at first, but it’s amazingly funny when you see how he reacts after! What did you think of the video? Tell us in the comment section!

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