These Dogs And Their Bones Prove Doors Can Be Tricky

Ah, the wonders of our pups and the hilarity they provide with their crazy antics. Sometimes the most innocuous day-to-day behaviors of our dogs can turn us into a puddle of giggles with little more than a goofy look.

Take for instance, one of the greatest examples of puppy joy known to man. This is a compilation of dogs enjoying their respective vacations at the beach. Joining their human families for a little fun in the sun, these dogs remind us that there is no shortage of entertainment when it comes to a playful puppy.

And that’s sort of what makes the video below so funny.

The compilation video from America’s Funniest Home Videos shows us a number of pups making off with giant sticks and bones. That is, until they meet a threshold. Getting it to the door is one thing, but getting it through is another story entirely. My favorite? A pup that sneaks off with a carrot and quickly learns that he’s bitten off more than he can, err, carry. It’s all too adorable for words, and by the end, we couldn’t help but laugh in spite of the best efforts of these determined pups.

But if there’s one thing to be gleaned from the following video, it’s that navigating a doorway can sometimes be, you know, really hard.

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