This dog’s been chained to this wall for 8 years. Watch her reaction when rescuers approach!

Dog rescues are among the most heart-warming you can ever see. Fortunately, we have many organizations who are dedicated to improving the lives of many dogs and cats on the street. One of these cases took place in India. A female dog was spotted living in a dumpster and reported to an organization in the area. The dumpster was filthy and there were a lot of rats and other animals who carry diseases.

The female dog had recently given birth to about 7 puppies, but some kids from the area had taken them to their homes. This, I believe, was not necessarily a terrible thing to happen. The mother was in very bad shape, was ridden with skin infections and was in a severe state of malnutrition. Some of the neighbors in the area saw this and alerted the authorities.

The rescue group arrived there the following day and started looking for the dog. The dog was found on top of a large pile of trash and not looking good at all. She was approached by one rescuer, but she got away. Apparently, she had suffered some abuse which made it difficult for her to trust humans. One of the rescuers had the idea of using food to lure her in.

After a few attempts, they got her to trust them and a few minutes later, they were close enough to pet her. When they did, they confirmed that she had multiple skin infections throughout her body. They took her back to their shelter where a veterinarian checked her and gave her antibiotics to take care of her skin. She was also given a thorough bath and food.

After she finished eating, she slept for about 12 hours straight! The rescuers did a wonderful job with her and a couple of months later, you could barely recognize her. She found a home soon after, where she has been living her life with the dignity and love she deserves. This is not the only dramatic rescue I have gotten to see.

A rescue group in the United States was recently informed about a female Pit Bull who had been living under very bad conditions for all her life. She had only had one owner who had kept her chained to a wall for 8 years. By this time, she had lost hope of living a life different from the lonely and suffering one she had been given.

The rescuers arrived at the property and saw her lying down. She looked lifeless from a distance but, check out her reaction when she sees the rescuers approaching!