These Dogs Are Home Alone. Now Watch What They Do When With The Christmas Presents! OMG!

Decorating your house for the holidays can be a tiring job. There’s so much to do, and not much time. But if you have some helping hands — or even 32 extra legs — it’s amazing what can be accomplished in so little time. In this clip you’re about to meet some doggie friends that will make you smile and get you in the spirit for Christmas time.

In this cute holiday video, these humans decide to leave their family pets alone for a few hours while they go out for dinner. The minute the front door closes, the dogs get to work and they know exactly what they’re going to do. These clever pooches give their house a total Christmas makeover! That’s right… eight extremely well-trained, well-organized pups — Bruno, Fenta, Kumisz, Pako, Yoda, Trixi, Skoda, and Carlo — decide to prepare a Christmas surprise their family will never forget.

These highly trained dogs were employed to make this commercial for the Mirror Method Performance Team in Hungary. When the Christmas music starts playing, these creative pooches get right to work decorating because they know they will soon run out of time! They string the lights, set up the Christmas tree, and arrange the presents, just after they finish, Mom and Dad arrive back home to see the surprise of a lifetime. It’s a tough job, this holiday decorating!

They are having so much fun decorating the tree as their boss, a Bernese Mountain Dog, gives instructions and keeps everyone on task. But they don’t have much time, and when their parents come home, they are truly surprised at what these furry little elves did while they were away!

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