These Dogs Were Invited For A Christmas Dinner, And Just Wait Till You See Who The Host Is

Christmas is probably the best time of the year for festivities, and also for commercials. And dining around a table with your beloved family and friends is satisfying to say the least, and this annual holiday event was the inspiration for this advertisement from Freshpet. This video shows a hilarious situation about what pets would do if they had Christmas dinners, and be prepared to turn up the volume so you can hear the music over your own laughter. The facial expressions on the faces of these dogs – and cat – are hilarious.

This clip is a promotional video by a company that manufactures refrigerated food and treats for dogs and cats called Freshpet. Through this, they want us to know that our pets are more than just pets. They are our family. All the adorable animals featured in the video belong to the Humane Society of Utah and they are available for adoption. There are many dogs and one cat, all eating with human hands and wearing various costumes. From the cat looking down on the dogs with great disdain, to the Retriever in the hoody texting at the table, to the boxer mix eating off the plate of the Lab next to him who isn’t paying attention, these furry friends will capture your heart and they will definitely make you laugh out loud. This spectacular holiday dinner even includes a bulldog drinking from a flask and feisty mixed breed powdering her nose and flirting with all the boys.

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