These dogs made a mess at home. But when mom gets back and asks them about it? Hilarious!

Dogs are so transparent when they are guilty of doing something wrong, but they are also just as transparent when they snitch on one of their own. It’s amazing how much they understand and their reactions to their own guilt are often hilarious. This clip shows how three dogs react when their human comes home and finds the mess one of them made.

When this owner came home to a mess in the house, she immediately guessed who her suspects could be. Her three adorable little dogs, who I think are all poodles. She decides to investigate.  The dogs are all sitting at the top of the stairs, looking down at mom, but one of them, Maggie, is separated from the other two.

So she tries to get the answer to which one of them made the mess. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the response of those dogs! Two of the dogs, Cody and Murphy are very quick to point out who was responsible. As soon as she says, “Who made this mess?” Cody and Murphy immediately turn and look at Maggie! Hilarious!

Poor Maggie! She does her best to slink away, but it is hilarious to see how guilty she feels. Seems like man’s best friends have no trouble ratting their friends out! Maggie probably wants to be in a different pack right now!

Watch this hilarious yet very adorable video below! How does your pet react when he is guilty? Share your views in the comments!