These Dogs Made A Mess At Home. Their Reaction When Mom Gets Back And Asks Them About It Is Absolutely HILARIOUS!

With dogs, unlike most other pets, what you see is what you get. Their emotions are just like ours and their expressions are to be read into just as you would a human being. It’s partly why they are called man’s best friend. They are in many ways like a jig-saw fit to us- the ying to our yang. More than our pets, they are our companions and at times even our protector. Often, as in this video, you can see right through them like are glass. They can be so transparent to the extent of telling on on their mates. It’s shocking that they understand our language. They often know when they’ve done something wrong and their reaction to guilt after owning up is hilarious.

In the video featured below, the reaction of the three dogs when quizzed by their mum about making a mess of their home is one to die for. As soon as she asks who’s to take responsibility for the clutter, two of the three poodles, Cody and Murphy, immediately turn in unison and point to the third, Maggie. Maggie, noticing that they’ve snitched on her slowly walks away in embarrassment. The whole video is just hilarious. Seems that dogs, like their best friends, man, have no shame in telling on their mates.

Maggie’s reaction clearly shows that she is remorseful and wouldn’t do it again. She, however, must be livid that her buddies let out on what looked like their secret. Obviously, she’ll let them know in a polite way that they need to keep to the no-snitching girl code. They’ll probably tell her to behave herself next time to avoid putting them in a fix where they have to break loyalties.

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