This Dog’s Nickname Is ‘Horse Whisperer’. Watch This Video To Find Out Why!

Boss is a Doberman. Doberman are normally considered to be guard dogs. Aggressive creatures that serve no other purpose than to be mindless protectors of property and people. There are the dog breeds that are usually associated with working on a farm.

Border collies, sheepdogs, and others are considered to be best suited for raising animals on the farm. But as Boss will show you in this video all it takes is the right training. In this video you’ll see an interaction between boss and a young, white horse named Contino.

Boss and Contino are the best of friends. When Contino was young he was very stubborn and didn’t like doing what he was asked. When Boss became friends with him the dog could convince the horse to help out anyone that asked. A real “Horse Whisperer.”

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