Dog’s Owner Steals Her From The Hospital & Refuses Treatment. Her Vet Has Other Plans

Getting a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences any person can have. This is also a choice that comes with great responsibility. While factoring in all the sacrifices in time and money that you must make, you also need to consider possible medical costs. This is one of the biggest mistakes new pet owners make. They usually measure the size and type of pet they will get based on the amount of dog or cat food. When the pet gets sick, it can get very expensive very fast. Especially if it involves emergency veterinarian care.

I had a Rottweiler a while ago and when I got her she was very skinny. If you looked at her face, you would think she was a Doberman. We started giving her lots of love and care but then something happened that changed everything. She apparently got food poisoning from a bone she was trying to eat. This problem went to her pancreas and as if someone had turned off a switch she changed overnight. The next morning, I realized something was wrong. I checked her to see if she had any injuries but she didn’t. She hadn’t eaten all day which was quite uncharacteristic of her. I couldn’t wait any longer and took her to the vet.

It was then that I learned she had a swollen pancreas. The veterinarian was very straightforward with me. She needed to be admitted to the hospital and stay there for at least five days. She wasn’t giving me any hopes of her recovering anytime soon.

It got very expensive. I didn’t have a lot of money on me at the time but I agree to her care. I went to see her the very next day and her veterinarian told me she wasn’t doing very good. When my Rottie saw me, she came to life. Her veterinarian was shocked. Her condition improved so much that she was discharged two days later. Unfortunately for many pets, not all owners are willing to put in the time, money and sacrifice when they need it.

When Mia got sick, her owner took her to the veterinarian. She was tested and diagnosed with an infected uterus. She needed emergency surgery. Without knowing if he would get paid, Mia’s veterinarian performed emergency surgery and saved her life. After the surgery, Mia was looking very pale and her veterinarian suggested a transfusion. That night, her owner secretly took her from the hospital and went home. The owner knew of the possible consequences but decided to take the effortless way out.

Mia’s veterinarian became so concerned that he contacted San Jose animal services. They went to visit the owner and he finally agreed to surrender her to them. By the time Mia got back to the hospital, she was even worse. She had lost a lot more weight in that time. Things were not looking very good for Mia but her veterinarian and the hospital staff were not ready to give up on her. Watch the video to see the amazing recovery.