These Dogs Were Patiently Waiting To Be Called For Dinner, Until A Dog Does THIS. LOL!

Dogs are really like human children; innocent and pure hearted. But there are times when they are stubborn and know how to give a silent treatment, like this dog in the video. All of these dogs are called one by one for the dinner and they scurry through the open gate as soon as their names are called. But this Labrador dog who is called last wants everyone to know his opinion about going last. And this is so hilarious!

These dogs have learned to be patient before being called for the dinner. They are disciplined and get out of the open gate only after their name is called by their owner. But Echo, the Labrador dog at the end of the line has turned back from the gate as if to say “I am always called at last, and I don’t like it”. This brought quiet a laugh from Echo’s owner. Ultimately, this adorable dog reluctantly accepts his fate and slowly trudges to get his dinner with the rest of his buddies.

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