This Dog’s Reaction to Being Pushed In A Swing Will Make You As Happy As The Swing Makes Her

If there is one truth that no animal lover can deny, it is that dogs will do everything that they can to make their human friends as happy as they can. They’ll take all the attention that they can, and they don’t mind sitting by your side and accompanying you throughout your every day, without ever worrying about anything else. They are the most loyal friends ever, and the video below will prove it to you because they clearly enjoy each other’s company.

The name of the doggy star in the clip is Sara, and she loves to play and spend quality time with her dear human parent. Her adoptive dad likes to sit her in the swing, just as if she was a young toddler, and as you will see by Sara’s reaction, she loves it every time he gives her a little push, no matter how small. Sara must be a bit hit at the park when she swings with all the kids. They must find Sara in the swing highly entertaining. I know I sure do! The look of pure joy on her face is sure to make you smile.

I love to watch people doing small but significant loving gestures towards their pets. After all, it’s the time that we share with them that they really appreciate, more than any treat or any pat on the back. Dogs are really the best friends one could ever have.

Enjoy this video for yourself right below. I’m sure you’re going to love it. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook!

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