Two Dogs Were Stranded In The Middle Of The River Until A Very Unlikely Friend Rescued Them!

These three dogs are quite the sight! Of course, at first you don’t see three dogs. You only see two dogs in a canoe, floating down the river. You have no idea how they got there or how they’ll get out, but after a short while you realize that they’re stuck and need help. Thankfully, their friend jumps in the river and tugs them to shore.

Ok, so you might have some questions. Like how did those two dogs get in the canoe and how did the third dog know to pull the rope and get the canoe to shore. Well all three are siblings and have been raised by the river. Robie, the black lab, loved to swim and after a while his owners taught him to retrieve the canoe. Every time the canoe would go in the river the other two dogs would jump inside. So eventually, Robie learned to tug his two siblings!

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