Those Dogs Are Being Swept Down The River. You Will Be AMAZED When You See Who Rescues Them!

My heart was about to leap out of my chest when I saw two dogs drifting helplessly down the river in a canoe. I wasn’t sure how the dogs got in the canoe or why it started floating, but even though they were barking, they actually didn’t seem too distressed. But as it happens, Jukebox Bullet, who is an Original Mountain Cur, and his pal, Rusty Sierra, a hound, had nothing to worry about! Their courageous friend Robbie is out to save the day!

These beautiful dogs belong to owner Deborah McAlister Faddis. She says that the dogs grew up playing in the water, and this is a game they’ve played since pups. Robbie is a black Lab and it is amazing to see that he could actually swim against the current of the river and get all the way across it without going downstream!

Robbie leaps into the water and heads straight for the canoe as his friends float down slowly with the current. There was a rope on the front of the canoe, and Robbie headed straight for it, which is what he is trained to do. You can hear his owner calling instructions on the recording.

Deborah says that they were in no danger since they had been well trained. Once Robbie got the canoe to the other side, he even made sure it was well on the land before letting go of the rope. His friends hopped out of the boat happy as clams. I don’t think they were worried at all.

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