Dogs Are Way Too Good To Be True, And This Is Clear Evidence That They Are Perfect For Us

Humans tend to compare other species by considering how they fit into their own lives. Bugs are obnoxious, whereas wild animals are fascinating and majestic and pets are cute and loveable. We know we can’t always trust generalizations to be correct, but there are times in which our adorable labels for certain creatures are totally and completely accurate. That’s why we can all relate to and understand cute videos of pets. Some experiences with certain animals are quite universal, making it well known that these creatures are just bound to be as adorable as we expect.

It’s widely accepted that dogs are man’s best friend. These furry friends tend to be incredible companions, and our relationships with them often develop into beautifully inseparable friendships. With their loving, loyal personalities, we can always count on dogs to cheer us up when we’re down, protect us when we’re threatened, comfort us when we’re sad or scared, and play with us when we’re full of energy. Between cuddling, exploring, and playing, dogs are just happy to spend time with us.

One man wanted to find out if this was always the way it’s been between humans and dogs. He knew that we don’t really question the fact that we rely on dogs for support and companionship when the going gets tough. He also knew that dogs belonged to the wolf family before they were domesticated, but how did they evolve into the animals we know and cherish today? What brings humans and dogs to have such amazing bonds with one another?

As it turns out, the answer might be simpler than you expect it to be. Watch this video to learn more about the relationships we have with our pups. Then, share this video with a dog-lover and leave a comment down below!