Dolly Parton Lights Up Rockefeller Center With Her Beautiful ‘Christmas Of Many Colors’

Dolly Parton harkens back to her childhood days in her songs from “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.”

She tells the story of a touching family memory during her days of hardship. Her father and her siblings had saved up to gift her mother a wedding ring.

The delivery of her song rings of authenticity, love and overcoming adversity.

She starts the song by telling the tale of how her mother made a raggy coat of warmth for her to wear during the cold wintertime.

This reference is to her 1971 hit “Coat of Many Colors,” a song which is familiar to everyone who has followed Dolly Parton.

It was if Dolly was singing to every audience member telling her tale in an intimate setting such as around a campfire or in the warmth of a family kitchen.

This new signature song did ring true with many of her fans who are well aware of her rise to stardom, despite the poverty that surrounded her.