This Dolly Parton Classic Is Brought Back To Life! The Beautiful Cover Is As Good As The Original!

It was over 40 years ago when country singer Dolly Parton went on the “Porter Wagoner Show,” sat on a stool on the stage and introduced people to her new song, “I Will Always Love You.” An acoustic guitar player backed her. It was a heartfelt song and it was quite different from the typical themes of people leaving, dogs dying, or being broke. Hearing it today brings as many chills as it must have for those who heard it for the first time then.

Many people think that the late Whitney Houston was the one who wrote this song and performed it. It’s not surprising given how her rendition was so powerful and soulful that it catapulted her to even higher levels of fame. Houston’s version appeared on the soundtrack for “The Bodyguard,” the film that she co-starred with Kevin Costner in. If someone asked a group of people who wrote this song, a large majority of them would probably say it was Houston.

Parton’s got a good singing voice and she can hit some high notes, though she doesn’t have the range that Houston did in her version of the song. The amazing thing is that she’s still going strong as she enters her seventies. Recently, she appeared on “The Voice” to sing a song with her god-daughter

Houston is no longer here, but Parton is still going on strong. Who knows? She might even record an updated version of the song in the near future. Some might say that her doing that might be an insult to the memory of Houston, but Parton was first, so it makes sense that she would be the one to sing the last version of it.

Who knew that she had this good of a voice? Some may only remember her from the movie “9 to 5.” What did you think?

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