Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire rock love triangle ballad, “Does He Love You?”

Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire

A legendary combo in country music occurred when Dolly Parton joined Reba McEntire for the song ‘Does He Love You?’ The song features a lyrical dialogue between a wife and her husband’s mistress.

Reba McEntire

It is an interesting perspective as verse 1 begins with Reba singing the part of the married woman who knows her husband has been unfaithful. She drinks a glass from the bar and sits at a table singing while a band plays on stage.

The club she is in is small, and Dolly walks up to the bar. She is singing verse 2 in the role of the mistress. By the time the song gets to the chorus, the two country music icons are singing face to face.

Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire

Reba belts out, across the table, ‘But does he love you?’ Dolly echoes Reba’s words, and they continue to stare each other down. Reba sings, ‘Does he think of you like he thinks of me?’

After a guitar solo, Reba stands up and confronts Dolly. She stands up to defend herself. Eventually, the two women travel to the awaiting microphones on stage. They bring home the final chorus in a dramatic fashion.

Dolly Parton & Reba McEntire

They beautifully harmonize on the final note. After the song concludes, the director yells, ‘Cut.’ Dolly and Reba are still being filmed behind the scenes, and Dolly talks about how she loves the song.

She comically asks if she gets to blow something up during the video shoot. The response is a resounding no. Reba, staying in character, says to Dolly, ‘You can just have that old boy. I don’t want him. Dolly responds, ‘I don’t want him either.’ The two girls share a laugh, and the incredible video performance ends.

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