Dolly Parton Wows The Grand Ole Opry With Timeless Anniversary Hit

Dolly Parton delivers incredible energy-filled performance from one of the greatest stages for country music, the Grand Ole Opry. She celebrated her fiftieth anniversary in this live concert showing, picking up the mic and bringing in the help of the audience for an electrifying rendition of her hit “9 to 5.”

Her positive energy overflows as the queen of country music struts about the stage singing a song that just about everyone knows the words to. There is something about Dolly’s voice that uplifts and inspires while sounding pure and sweet, and this video is the perfect showcase of her talent & charm.

Once you hear Dolly Parton performing “9 to 5” from the Grand Ole Opry in celebration of her fiftieth anniversary, you’ll undoubtedly agree that she is one of the greatest voices mankind has ever known. Performer, singer, and stage-personality extraordinaire, Dolly is one of a kind, and this is a must-see showcase of what makes her such a legend.