Dolly Parton’s beautiful voice is making my ‘Down’ day better

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a renowned country music star. The American singer was born in Tennessee in a large household. She has said that while growing up, her mother used to fill the house with her singing.

This ambiance propelled Parton to sing as she was influenced mainly by those around her town and her family. Her environment also influenced her songwriting. Parton’s country songs have connections to the mountains in which she grew up.

The country star is also known to be quite a philanthropist. Since the eighties, Parton has given back to her community. The Dollywood Foundation has provided Tennessee high schoolers with scholarships and book distribution to young kids.

Dolly Parton

In Dolly Parton’s performance of ‘Down,’ you can’t help but view her as an angelic being. The star is clad in a white gown as she sits in the middle of a foggy room.

The pink flowers surrounding her feet upscale the etherealness of the scene as she sings the sad but uplifting song. While the production is undoubtedly outdated, Parton’s beautiful singing is not.

The angelic country star sings of how she has helped everyone in her life, but they still manage to leave her behind. By the end of the song, she knows she will recover from this; she needs to feel a little down for a bit.

Viewers of Parton’s stunning performance have thanked her for publishing it online as it has helped them in their time of need. ‘Down’ has been viewed more than seventy thousand times and has received a positive reaction all around.

Watch Dolly Parton’s “Great Balls of Fire”

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