This Dolphin Performs A Miracle Underwater… Keep A Close Eye On Her Underbelly! WOW!

Birth is one of the most enchanting miracles of the nature. Witnessing this miracle gives you joy and delight. And watching this video has given me a chance of observing this nature’s most beautiful and wonderful miracle.

Dolphins are aquatic mammals, so it is obvious that dolphins give birth to a tiny dolphin baby rather than eggs like fishes. Like humans, dolphins give birth to only one calf at a time. But unlike humans, the baby dolphins are born within 11-12 months. And as soon as they are out, they start to wiggle their fins and swim with their mother.

In this video you will be able to witness the marvelous birth of baby dolphin underwater. Not just the birth, you will be able to see dolphin mom and baby’s very first swim together. While giving birth, the mother dolphin sure is in pain, but when the baby is out… she looks so pleased. Isn’t that awesome?

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