Dolphin Seeks Out Diver for Help in Stunning Footage

There are many rescue videos on the internet, and they are always a pleasure to watch. Some lighten up your day, and others make you weep like a baby. But in all these instances, the rescuers themselves seek out the victim. We rarely get to see an animal who actually asks for help on its own. So you can imagine the shock this diver felt when this beautiful dolphin called him over and showed him his injured fin.

In January 2013, Keller Laros was out on a night dive filming Manta Rays in Garden Eel Cove, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. While the footage of the rays is stunning in itself, what happened while they were filming was incredible.


Laros and his friends noticed a bottlenose dolphin that had joined the rays and appeared to be wanting the divers to pay attention to him. In fact, that is exactly what the dolphin wanted – he had a fishing line attached to his fin with a hook and wanted the humans to help remove it.

Laros actually motioned to the dolphin, calling him over to him. The dolphin obliged and was astoundingly calm and patient, while Laros cautiously removed the hook and cut the line that had been tangled around the dolphin’s body.


The dolphin was clearly aware, displaying his intelligence to all. He knew he was wounded and that the humans would help. He waited patiently while his human friend took all the time necessary to remove the line, then swam away happily. What an unforgettable experience for Laros and his friends – and their dolphin buddy, too.

Dolphin Seeks Out Diver for Help in Stunning Footage