COMEDY GOLD: Don Rickles and Harvey Korman will make you laugh so hard, you might faint!

When insult comic Don Rickles plays a disgruntled house painter, the fur flies right along with the paint!

What do you do when your guest star is the comically abrasive Don Rickles?  Carol Burnett’s writers wrote the perfect sketch for him. He plays a short-tempered house painter who must deal with an eternally indecisive homeowner played by Carol.  Along for the bumpy ride are her “sister” Vicki Lawrence and “husband” Harvey Korman.

First, Carol can’t decide which color to have he living room painted. Should it be forest green, canary yellow, or brown?  Forget the paint, she’s already driving her sister crazy because she can’t decide whether she wants coffee or tea.

It doesn’t help that impatient and frazzled Don, with his bulldog demeanor, is also suffering from a heart condition.  You’ll laugh yourself silly watching Don lose his cool at every turn, and see Carol trying to hide her own laughter at Don’s antics.

When husband Harvey arrives at home and tries to intervene, the situation goes from bad to hilariously worse.

Did you know that Vicki Lawrence first landed a gig on the show because Carol needed someone who looked like her sister for one sketch?  Vicki did so well that she became a cast regular, and appeared in other sketches as Carol’s sister, including this little gem.

A lot of fans also don’t know that Rickles started his career as a dramatic actor and performed standup as a side gig.  When his sharp-witted comeback to hecklers proved funnier than his scripted jokes, he made insults the focus of his act.

His big break came when he spotted Frank Sinatra in the audience during one of his shows and insulted Frank’s performance in his most recent film. Frank thought it was hilarious and encouraged his celebrity friends to see Don’s show to get the Rickles treatment. The rest is showbiz history.

“Don Rickles is one of the very rare guys during the series other than Tim Conway that actually has Harvey Korman out of character breaking up laughing,” commented one viewer of this side-splitting clip.

Another fan agreed wholeheartedly.  ‘Oh my… how Harvey (or any of them!) got through this I don’t know.”

Are you ready to be insulted by “Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles and laugh yourself silly? Click the video below and then share it with a friend!