Don Rickles Kisses Frank Sinatra In Interview With Johnny Carson!

An interview with the King of Late Night is bound to be entertaining without a doubt, but when old friends reunite on the host’s show, conversations take a funny turn. The audience hoots with laughter at their hilarious banter and easy camaraderie.

This 1976 interview with Frank Sinatra was a huge highlight in the Late Night Show as the famous singer had just recently gotten married. The American singer is considered to be one of the most influential singers of all time with record breaking sales.

He began his career during the swing era, but shot to fame with famous tunes like ‘Strangers in the night’, ‘Only the lonely’ and of course the hit, ‘My Way’ which was also mentioned in the show. You can tell that the guests on the show are friends by the way they crack jokes with each other. Why, Don even kisses Sinatra on the show… TWICE!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I loved the easy humour and good natured ribbing. Frank is an iconic symbol of the golden age of music and has been the recipient of many awards as well as been a much publicised figure in media due to his charm and character outside of movie sets.

His legacy is one that will live on. Did you grow up listening to the songs of Sinatra? Have you watched any movies that had him starring in it? What did you think of this interview? Hilarious wasn’t it??? I was laughing so much! Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments section below.

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