A Donkey In A Hammock? Now I’ve Seen It All!

There’s no denying it – hammocks are the best way to relax after a long day. Laying down and enjoying the outside, in the shade, and just enjoying the wind; it’s just the best thing ever. Isn’t that the most comfortable picture ever? The video below shows a special someone enjoying exactly this, and it’s not whom you’d expect.

Meet Leo, the donkey. He’s a precious, fuzzy little thing, and he loves laying back and relaxing on the hammock more than anything else. He does it every day, and the video below shows a particularly adorable moment he enjoyed with his human family. He doesn’t even make a noise; it’s just pure relaxation and happiness.


I would’ve never expected to see a donkey as adorable as this one, but now I’ve seen it all! The way he swings and he enjoys his family’s attention is just heartwarming, and I’m honestly considering getting a donkey one day now. Look at how cute Leo is, chilling out and getting belly rubs! Someone hand that donkey a margarita!

A Donkey In A Hammock? Now I\'ve Seen It All!