Donkey helps disabled dog, while other dogs would play with her

This clip is a heartwarming story of two inseparable friends. “Kolima” the Great Dane suffers from a condition known as “Cervical Spondylomyelopathy” (CSM) that is a disease of the cervical spine, and affects the spinal cord and nerves roots. The disease is commonly called “Wobbler Syndrome” because of the way that it effects the animal’s ability to walk. This affliction is mostly common to large dogs like Danes, and usually in dogs that are younger than 3-years-old.

Kolima was very lonely, as other dogs would not play with her, and she was suffering from bouts of Doggy-depression until a 6-year-old donkey named “Paolo” came into her life. Poalo could sense that Kolima was in discomfort and was unhappy so he decided to do something about it. They quickly became friends with Paolo playing with and protecting her. These two animals who are totally different just seemed to click.

We have seen many different relationships between animals before on many YouTube videos, The Lion and the Dachshund, the Kangaroo and the goat, stories that bring smiles to the faces of all who watch. This story is a little different because it shows that animals have an understanding if each other’s needs and abilities. Kolima has difficulty standing, but this doesn’t stop Paolo from playing with her. They spend hours rolling in the hay together, just enjoying each other’s company, and you can certainly see the effect this has on Kolima’s persona.

CSM is a terrible disease and can affect all sorts of animals cruelly. Unfortunately not all animals have the same friendships as Kolima has found and usually are neglected by their own kind and are left to fend for themselves, more often than not resulting in their demise. The animal kingdom can be unkind, the rule of survival of the fittest is sometime misunderstood by those who seek to understand Mother Nature and her wisdom.

Kolima and Paolo’s story is one of friendship and love. These two completely different animals getting along so harmoniously will leave you with the feeling that sometimes all is good with the world. It makes us think about our own species, what if we could l be like Paolo, who looks past a disability and only see’s the person for who they are.

For someone who may seem different the world can be a hard place. Even if your ability to do things that others take for granted is hindered, you still have the same desires of independence and wellbeing that everybody else has. Those of us who are healthy should never stop remembering just how lucky we are.

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