Donny Osmond And Susan Boyle Perform Stunning Duet. THIS Was Why She Was So Nervous!

Even famous people can become starstruck being among other luminaries. They may have met a childhood idol, one that helped them on the way to their own career paths. Once they are in this person’s presence, suddenly memories of their own lives may flood their brains and nearly leave them unable to speak. I know that it’s happened to me a couple of times. Even a woman who has sung in front of the Queen of England can get stage fright when singing with a childhood hero.

We see Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet introducing Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle, who were going to sing a duet for the dancers to do a routine to. They were going to sing “This is the Moment”. Right before the song started, Boyle whispered something to Donny. He seemed to realize that she was struck by nerves. He went up to her and held her hand during her parts of the song, which helped her get through.

You could tell that Boyle was so nervous standing next to Osmond, who was her musical hero while she was growing up. It was more than just nerves, though. Boyle has Asperger’s, which can make it difficult to near impossible to interact with other people, depending on the severity. She had only recently come out with her diagnosis – having a famous face can help the cause greatly and help reduce the derogatory statements some make about people who have it.

The best part of the video was at the end when Osmond is serenading Boyle. You can see that she’s barely containing her glee as he sings. What I really like about Donny is that he seems like a very genuine, kind person. He did a fantastic job of calming her during the duet on “Dancing With The Stars” and then that bit at the end was just the icing on that whole wonderful cake. I hope they continued talking after that.

I know I would have forgotten ALL the lyrics if I was up on stage with my musical hero. How about you? Who would you want to sing with? Tell us in the comments! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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