Don’t Miss The Reaction Of The Man In The Wheelchair! AMAZING!

Street musicians always have a certain magic to them. Maybe it’s because they can make a huge show out of whatever they can find. This Englishman from Leeds, named Johnathan Walker, is no exception to that rule. He uses the street as his stage, to play music for all kinds of audiences that may be passing by. He’s also very conscious of all the hardships that the homeless have to withstand, so he does everything in his power to help them, even if it’s just by making them happier through his singing and playing.

In the clip we have here to show you, you will see something surprising happen at one of his shows. It was December 31, the eve of the New Year, and an elderly homeless person joined him to sing their own improvised version of the classic song “Summertime”. Out of nowhere, they just started jamming together! It’s so great when you get to see people find happiness and joy even in the hardest of circumstances. Cheers to them for such an uplifting rendition!

You can watch this incredible street performance in the clip embedded right here! What did it make you feel? Share your excitement with us in the comment section!

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