“Don’t Worry About Me. Save My Momma,” Says Dying Fifteen-Year-Old. Selfless Teen Puts Mom First!

No one has the right to take the life of another, except for the sake of defense. There are more words in the dictionary than there are reasons to commit murder. To take a life is to destroy a family- a selfish action that has no rewind button. There is no going back and the effects are long and painful, for all parties involved.

Keisha Valentine and her son Earl Valentine III had left their previous home to come to Norlina. They left to escape the abusive control of Keisha’s husband, applying for a restraining order before leaving. The restraining order was granted due to the presence of domestic violence, a dangerous and explosive component to this tragic tale. The mother and son once arriving finally had a sense of safety and security. A long, peaceful year passed and unbeknownst to the duo, the restraining order had expired.

The conclusion to this haunting tale, occurred on September 6th, wherein a very disturbed Earl Valentine hastily attempted to take the life of his loved ex-wife Keisha Valentine and their beautiful son Earl Valentine III. The psychotic Valentine busted down the door and walked into his wife’s room. He shot her in the chest. Trying to protect his mother as best he could the young man of the house attacked, trying to help his dear, injured mom. A muzzle flashes, and Earl III is also on the ground, bleeding heavily.

With determination and the will to save his mother, Earl III struggled for a phone and hurriedly called 911. “My father did it. Don’t worry about me. Save my momma,” Earl III told 911. Shortly thereafter, Earl III took his last breath.
As the paramedics arrived on the ghastly scene, chills ran down their spines. The mother was rushed to the intensive care. The courageous choice saved his mother’s life. The injuries young Earl sustained proved to be too intensive, if they had arrived earlier there might have been a chance.
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