Doorbell Security Camera Catches CRAZY Animal Antics on the Front Porch

Ring Doorbell W.W.E.

If you’re looking for a laugh, then you found the right video. Doorbell Cameras have become more and more popular nowadays. Being able to see who is lurking outside your home, even when you aren’t there, is really AMAZING.

Ring Security Camera

When you install cameras to your home, you EXPECT to catch suspicious activity at times, that’s the reason its there, but in the video below, we see that these camera’s don’t just pick up human activity, but animal too.

More and more homeowners are installing these cameras as a measure of protection. We are glad that they are too because the videos we get to see are downright hilarious!

Many people forget that we are surrounded by nature and that sometimes it clashes with even urban areas. These clips show just how much wildlife there really is when you aren’t looking. What would you do if your alarm went off and you look out to see a bear in your car, or a moose drinking from your pond? Well, these people knew what to do, and that’s to post it!

Viewers of the video had things like this to say, “How the heck did that bear open that car door?” Another said, “This video gave me my daily dose of laughter!” We hope you enjoyed the clip, leave us a comment below and tell us if you have ever caught an animal doing something this hilarious!

Do you have a Ring security doorbell? Have you thought about getting one? Keep an eye out during the next Black Friday because prices will drop like crazy. Anyhoo, please enjoy and share this with a friend. It’s a good chuckle that will make everyone’s day.

Doorbell Security Camera Catches CRAZY Animal Antics on the Front Porch