This Doting Dad Was Recording His Twins on Camera. But When They Started Chatting? He Can’t Stop Laughing!

When it comes to our children, we really can’t say enough about them. I mean, social media alone should be able to explain to everyone that we are slightly obsessed with documenting our children and every facet of their lives. We just adore them and want everyone else to be able to see them as well.

From the moment we welcome them into the world (and even before they are born), our children are our whole worlds. We dedicate our lives to keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. Roy Johannink was given the gift of twins. His son and daughter named Merle and Stign are his whole world, and he just adores them. Like all loving and doting fathers, he watches them constantly and is actively involved in every part of their lives.


Roy has jumped on the bandwagon with recording his twins, and he has many videos of the adorable bundles of joy, but this one, in particular, stands out. In this video, you will see the babies actively talking to each other in their own special baby language. These two are just chatting back and forth and are having a great time, all while dad watches them. This is so sweet!

They say that twins often have their own special language, and I am betting these two understand each other perfectly. Just look at the expressive faces they are pulling – these two get it. Imagine what they will be talking like when they are older; I can’t even imagine what they are talking about now. They sure sound knowledgeable on the topic, though.

This Doting Dad Was Recording His Twins on Camera. But When They Started Chatting? He Can\'t Stop Laughing!