Doug The Pug Makes A Special Visit With His Human To Some Really Exceptional Kids

Children are so precious and when they’re sick, parents want to do all they can to cheer them up. Young ones are just getting into the bloom of life, and when something stops them in that process, we want to make sure that the smiles don’t disappear, even though things are tough for them.

This is when Doug the Pug made a surprise visit to the Vanderbilt Children’s hospital in Nashville to spread some good cheer. The minute the little ones saw the cute dog, they burst into smiles and the whole hospital was full of cheer and happiness instead of gloom and sadness.

Doug and his human Leslie made the rounds at the hospital, and Doug made each visit with every child just that little bit more special. He had a sign around his neck that gave words of encouragement like ‘I love you’, ‘you are an inspiration’, ‘you are so strong’ and more that seemed to really brighten up the children’ day.

This was a great initiative taken up by Doug and his human who visited Seacrest studios as well. These are simple things we can do to make our little sick ones happier, and to make them forget the problems they face even if just for a while.

I thought this was a BRILIIANT idea and I absolutely loved it! What did you think of the video? Have you seen something like this being done? Write in and tell us in the comments section below.

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