Dowdy Middle-Aged Woman Takes Stage For Talent Audition. Her Singing Will BLOW YOU AWAY.

We’ve all done it – we’ve seen someone who just does not fit our mental criteria of what a person should look like when they do a certain task. The person with the ratty looking outfit might be a billionaire. When people first looked at the wrestler, The Big Show, who weighs over 500 pounds, they never would have thought he could leap over the top rope of a wrestling ring. Then we have Susan Boyle, a middle-aged woman who dared to audition on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Simon Cowell, the King of Talent Show Snark,is his usual self when Boyle first strides on the stage wearing what could best be called a dowdy outfit. He remains skeptical, even focusing on her age. The audience is also not that into her. No matter. Boyle remains unrattled at the ageism that’s being thrown her way. She tells the three judges, Simon, Piers Morgan, and Amanda Holden, that she’s going to sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from the play “Les Miserables. The music starts and she readies herself.

When Boyle starts to sing, two wonderful things happen. First, the crowd just roars in full throat in amazement and joy in realization that they are hearing a magnificent talent and Second, Simon has a look on his face that can be translated as “Holy Mackeral! She’s GOOD!” It’s a moment that gets me every time I watch this. Even the two hosts turn stunned to the camera and mouth, “Stay tuned!”

Apparently, the judges, who immediately apologized for their prejudgment, at Britain’s Got Talent have short memories about judging a book by its cover. Paul Potts, a pudgy former mobile phone salesman with bad dentistry, had stood before them not too long ago and blown all of them away with his rendition of “Nessun Dorma”. Boyle was so pumped after her performance that she started walking off stage before the judges could render their obvious verdicts. While she wound up finishing second behind a dance troupe, her career was launched.

The thing about Boyle and Potts is that they sparked the imagination of others. Anyone could dream. Don’t you agree? Tell us in the comments and also please “Like” us on Facebook.

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