This Dozy Little Dog Seek for A Comfy Pillow And Place His Head On The Cat

Dogs are extremely social animals and also flexible. Dogs always seek to be among members of their family, whether dogs, humans or cats. And they prefer to sleep next to who they consider their best friend. So, if you hear it snore at the side of your bed, take it … just want to be close to you. Or if you see him sleeping with the cat … leave him … this means that the cat is his best friend.

There are many situations in which we see dogs and cats enjoying together and playing like friends. This time we decided to share a video of dog and cat sleeping together, something sweet and lovely to see.  If this cute and funny couple are real friends when they are awake, when they dream they are true buddies.

This time, the dog decides to lay his head-on top of the cat, probably an excellent pillow option to rest pleasantly for him, and also this couple are inseparable, so the two of them enjoy sleeping together throughout the day.

Dogs like to sleep in warm places and there is no a better place than your bed or in another place where they feel comfortable; and for this puppy to sleep on top of this cat is perfection, since the warmth of his body keeps him warm. This cute dog just loves putting his head on the cat and sleep pleasantly, and apparently, the cat also enjoys that moment.  This pair of friends seems to completely enjoy bedtime and cuddle together to be able to dream together.

It is for this reason that this puppy really enjoys sleeping or taking naps with his head supported on his friend the cat. They can usually be seen together throughout the day enjoying a siesta together. And at night the story will happen again and again. Actually, they are best friends, and they love spending every moment together.

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