He said THIS in 1968 about teenagers. Listen to his chilling message 50 years later.

Officers Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) discuss politics and social issues with several teenagers in this 1968 Dragnet clip that has every talking.

If those who may not remember the show, Dragnet —later syndicated as Badge 714 — was a police/crime television series which was based on the radio series of the same name, both created by Jack Webb. You will, of course, recognize his co-star, Ben Alexander, who also played “Harry Morgan” on M*A*S*H.

The term “dragnet” is police slang meaning a coordinated and systematic approach to apprehending criminals and suspects. It’s a catchy name and it’s no wonder the show gained a foothold in Americal popular culture.

The show takes place in Los Angeles where Officer Joe Friday and his partner, Officer Frank Smith experience a steady stream of hardened criminals, desperate fugitives, slippery swindlers hardbitten women, and petty thieves.

Despite the hooligans, the detectives never lose their cool, but they come close to it as you’re about to see in this video below.

In this clip, which first aired in March 1968, the law enforcement officers have what you would call an impassioned discussion on politics and social issues with some rebellious teenagers.

Truth be told, we were all kids once. Teens will always be dissatisfied. Younger generations live faster-paced lives thanks to fast technology, but wisdom is everlasting.

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He said THIS in 1968 about teenagers. Listen to his chilling message 50 years later.