Drama In The Woods! Protective Mamma Elk Defends Her Baby From An Aggressive Bear

A couple of visitors to a National Park caught a dramatic encounter between an elk and a bear on camera. At first they thought the young bear was just rooting around for food among some branches and leaves.

When the bear swatted through the branches some more, the loud, piercing howl of a terrified baby elk rang out. Seeming to come out of nowhere, a large female elk trotted over. The bear immediately hopped up onto a tree trunk, read to shimmy higher if necessary. Mama elk turned around and made like she was going to walk away. Incredibly, the bear ignored this warning and immediately approached the baby elk again. Mama elk charged at the bear causing the bear to make for the tree again. At this point, there was a tense standoff in which the bear made a move toward the baby elk, mama elk jerked in the bear’s direction, and the bear looked ready to return to the tree. Once again, she turned around, seemingly about to go away. The bear was obsessed with that poor little elk and started seriously attacking it. This was too much for mama elk. She dashed over and kicked the bear in the snout, sending it reeling. The baby elk climbed out from the underbrush and made a break for it. Mama was right behind her. Incredibly, the bear still hadn’t given up! It headed off in the direction the two elk went, though perhaps it was going to be a little more careful this time.

The bear’s attempt at making a meal of the baby elk was a bit unusual. Bears normally eat lots of berries and fruit, with some nuts and fish thrown in. But sometimes when winter is approaching and they’re having trouble finding enough to eat before it’s time to hibernate, they’ll go after bigger game.

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