Dramatic preschooler has a major case of the Mondays

Sometimes Monday rolls around and you just don’t want the weekend to be over. This adorable preschooler has a rather severe case of “The Mondays” as he’s walking to the school bus.

Toddling along with his backpack and hoodie on, the little boy walks jauntily toward the school bus. However, mere feet from the open doors, he stops and hangs his head.

In a dramatic fashion that would make any theater teacher proud, he flops himself bodily onto the concrete sidewalk. Splayed out like a starfish, he lays there unwilling to move.

With a huge sigh, he picks himself back up. The bus aide steps off the school bus and helps him to his feet. From the expression on her face, she has definitely seen the boy pull this act before.

With practiced patience, the aide puts her arm around the child, directing him toward the open school bus. School awaits this little preschooler, no matter how much he doesn’t want to go.

This hilarious reaction by so little a child is one to which we can all relate. Mustering up the energy to start your whole week can be difficult, whether you go to school or work.

Hopefully, this video will bring a smile to your face and give you the lift you need to tackle the week. Don’t worry, the weekend is never that far away!

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Dramatic preschooler has a major case of the Mondays