Dramatic Rescue Footage from A Burning Building – Outstanding!

When a fire spreads out of control, it can have devastating consequences for everything that stands in its way. It can easily lay waste to buildings, vehicles, forests, and almost anything it touches. Needless to say, it’s extremely hazardous to human health when it explodes, and the smoke and flames can cause a catastrophic loss of life.

That’s so very nearly what happened when this Georgia apartment went up in smoke, trapping a family inside the burning building. It was chaos as the flames took hold and got out of hand within minutes. Fire can spread so rapidly that it doesn’t give anyone a chance to escape, and this is where the emergency services play a vital role in saving lives. No more so than the fire department.


These heroic men and women risk their lives on the job every single day, and they dust themselves off and get right back to it after each encounter with a deadly fire. They responded quickly to this breakout, but with the flames already engulfing much of the building, there was no time to lose.

Priority was given to getting the family out – with the children coming first. But how they actually managed that is incredible. With barely any time to get rescue ladders in place as the fire was rapidly taking over, firefighters had to think fast and make a last resort decision – catching a child from a burning building.


With the potential of smoke inhalation being even more deadly than the fire itself, the firefighters knew they had to get those kids and family out of there the fastest way possible – even if it meant catching them from the first floor! What is also unbelievable is that multiple children were rescued from this building in this way!

Before firefighters even had a chance to attack the fire itself, they were called into action to catch these kids being thrown down by their anxious parents! And perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that not one injury was sustained!


Everyone involved went on to make a full recovery from the ordeal. Watch this incredible and dramatic footage below caught with one of the firefighter’s helmet cams, and we’re sure you’ll be amazed at this daring rescue and unwavering dedication that the men and women of our fire departments have. These guys and girls are real heroes!

Dramatic Rescue Footage from A Burning Building – Outstanding!