Belgian Driving School Has Impossible Texting And Driving Test That Will Unsettle Any Driver

In today’s day and age, one of the biggest problems that have surged is directly related to smartphones and texting. While it’s honestly amazing that we now have the ability to communicate and share content with our loved ones everywhere we go, it’s truer than ever that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

In the video we featured below, you will see an amazing instruction technique that they have implemented at a driving center in Brussels, Belgium. You’ll be shocked when you see it. The instructor asks the trainees to complete an obstacle course while texting on their cellphone.


This obviously confuses and shocks new drivers since doing so in a regular street is illegal and will get you a fine. But the driving instructor insists that they must complete the ‘mobile phone course’ without hitting a single one of the obstacles in the track.

While it’s a controlled environment, a test-driving course has the same challenges as driving on a normal street, and the purpose of the test was to teach new drivers how difficult it really is to drive properly while using your phone. Because in real life, those obstacles could actually be real living beings. Don’t miss this interesting and insightful video featured below.