Driving With Your Pet Could Be More Dangerous Than You Think. Time To Buckle Up!

Anyone who’s ever loved an animal knows they would never knowingly put it in harm’s way. What might not be so obvious is how much risk is taken when traveling with an animal in the car.

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), recently released a study they performed looking at how well popular pet carriers stood up in a crash test. The results were disheartening. Many of the products claiming to keep our furry friends safe during travel simply didn’t measure up.

The study, conducted in 2015 in partnership with Subaru of America, used weighted dummies in the tests, of course. No animals were harmed. They tested crates, carriers, pilot seats, and harnesses, while simulating crashes at 30 mph.

AFter testing 25 different products in these categories, CPS found that only four passed their criteria for keeping pets safe. The other products came loose from their anchors, resulted in damage to the test dummies, or left the dummies unsecured at the time of the crash.

Despite safety claims on these products, it’s important to be fully informed. What the company says is true and what is really true may be very different things.

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