Driving Precautions For An Icy Road

In winter, roads can become very slippery, especially if the outside temperature falls below zero degrees celsius (Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit). These conditions can cause a thin or a thick layer of ice to form on the surface of the road. This formation can cause people and cars that are moving on the surface to slip and slide.

Cars that are traveling at high speeds and suddenly drive onto an icy patch are particularly prone to sliding on the ice. Luckily, there are a couple of things that are done to prevent this from happening. One primary precaution is to drive at a slower speed, such as 45kmph, and the second thing to be done is to control the skid, in case it happens.

Two things should be done to control a skid. Firstly, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid, a couple of times until the car is steady. Secondly, avoid applying the brakes. If your vehicle goes into a spin, remove your foot from the accelerator. Don’t use the brakes and focus on your car and the road. Do not panic; the spin will stop.