Drowning Baby Deer Pulled Out Of Water. Watch What Happens When They Bring Him Into The Boat!

I suppose most people you know who go fishing have acquired some set of fishing stories over the course of their lives. They may tell you about the huge fish that they caught, or they may tell you about something funny that a fellow fisherman did. Well this crew returning from a shark-fishing trip may have one of the best stories of them all.

Upon returning home from the trip, one of them noticed something strange in the water. They looked closer, and it was a deer. This was without a doubt one of the strangest things they had ever seen in these waters. After all, they were six miles off shore.

They knew right away that this was a situation that meant life or death for this deer. For these fishermen, helping this deer was their responsibility. Pulling up along side the deer, they then did everything they could in order to keep it afloat, slowly moving towards the shore.

Finally, as they approach the shore several of the fishermen jumped out in order to help the deer onto land. They spent quite awhile standing by and helping out as the deer slowly got over the shock and recovered. The moment when it finally walks away is so beautiful. Watch this incredible moment unfold and be sure to share this with family and friends.

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