This ‘Drummer Boy’ Will Leave You Will Leave You Stunned and Breathless

For King and Country - “The Little Drummer Boy” 2018“The Little Drummer Boy” is one of the world’s most beloved Christmas classics.  Popular around the world, it has endured, almost unchanged, through the ages. Many artists and choirs have done their own version of the tune, blending their voices with a drum accompaniment. 

However, when this talented, modern Christian pop band, For King & Country, perform their incredible rendition of the song I find myself transported to another level. It is truly like nothing I have ever experienced before. “The Little Drummer Boy” 2018 by King and CountryWatching the video of their live performance will leave you stunned and breathless. Not only will you enjoy a visual feast with their mesmerizing stage presence, but you will be thrilled by the magnificent beat of the drums, the brilliant lighting show and the powerful rendition of the lyrics.

It starts dark and quiet with the gentle beat of a solo drum until suddenly the stage erupts and the lighting begins to weave its magic, joined by the rising crescendo of every kind of drum. Then stillness and the familiar lyrics begin, accompanied by a cello. Everything builds and combines to deliver a heart-stopping spectacular.

Multi-talented brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone, have magnificently transformed an old-fashioned Christmas carol into a truly modern celebration of the birth of our savior, which will resonate deeply with old and young alike.

Treat yourself to the joy of Christmas and all it means, with this very special performance of one of our most treasured favorites.

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This \'Drummer Boy\' Will Leave You Will Leave You Stunned and Breathless