Dua Lipa Delivers Electrifying Live Show At The Voice Finale

The Voice always has an electrifying finale, filled with not only the greatest new talent discovered in the competition itself but also the hottest stars in the music industry. For the season seventeen finale, Dua Lipa appeared to perform her megahit ‘Don’t Start Now,’ setting the perfect atmosphere for unveiling the winner.

It seems that the more we see of Dua Lipa, the better she gets. Fans were thrilled to witness her electrifying live show, praising the way that she claimed the stage stealing the attention of all for the full duration of her winning track. From choreography to creativity, The Voice was rewarded with a distinct disco vibe inclusive of roller skaters.

Dua Lipa dance hit will continue to live on forever, gaining popularity with every play and hordes of new fans at each live show. The Voice picked a winner for the finale of season seventeen, rewarding the world with a special disco performance by the pop queen herself that boasts some of the most amazing skating, dancing, and singing seen.