Mama duck quacks for firefighters to save her ducklings from storm drain

No matter what species they come from, mothers tend to be very protective of their young. It’s their responsibility to keep their babies safe, show them how to acquire food, and seek out shelter so that they can make it on their own as adults…

Any mother can tell you that there’s nothing worse than seeing your children get into trouble, especially when you have no way of helping them.

A man in Phoenix witnessed a case like this when he was out for a walk and came across a duck who wouldn’t stop quacking at him. Upon further inspection, she seemed distressed, like she was quacking at him specifically….

Convinced she was trying to get his attention, the man approached her to try and figure out what she was trying to tell him.

When he got closer, he realized the duck was a mama, and he could hear chirping from beneath a nearby grate! The duck’s babies had fallen through and were trapped underground!

The man knew he had to do something, so he called his local fire department to ask them for assistance. Thankfully, they were available to come attempt a rescue!

While the man was grateful that the firemen could come help, he knew it would be no easy task. It took about ten minutes to lift up the grate, and there was a big surprise in store when they finally removed it….

Meanwhile, the mother duck anxiously fluttered around overhead before landing in a nearby yard, likely worried that she’d never see her ducklings again. How was she supposed to know the men surrounding her babies were there to help?

The entire rescue was caught on camera, and it’s incredible to see how much effort went into saving these tiny creatures. Check out this heroic footage and share it with your friends! Then, leave your thoughts in the discussion area below!