When These Ducklings Walked Up To This Cat I Thought They Were Done For. I Was Wrong!

Because all mammals have live births rather than being egg layers, they have a stronger connection to their young. That’s not to say that birds or reptiles don’t care for their offspring, but egg layers that don’t need to be present for the birth of their offspring are not good nurturers.

This Cat, Della, has found 3 ducklings. When I first watched this video I was scared for the ducklings. But I needed have worried at all. Della’s mothering instinct has made her accept these ducks into her family.

She treats these ducks the same as she would her own kittens. She nurses them, keeps them warm, and even breastfeeds them! At any other time she would probably snapped these ducklings up for dinner, so these ducks are really lucky!

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